Coaching by Downsizing Indy

Who is a good fit for Coaching?

Our dynamic program is right for those who are eager to jump into downsizing with a do-it-yourself mindset and need a little guidance. A Certified Downsizing Coach® is prepared to help you no matter where you are located within the US.

Price: $599

  • Those who completed Downsizer’s Club receive tuition credit. Contact us for a discount code.
  • For those who go through Coaching and decide to hire our team for their downsizing project, the Coaching Fee will be credited to your final invoice. (This is valid anywhere in the US! Contact us for details.)


  • Four 60-minute coaching calls by a Certified Downsizing Coach®.
  • In-depth, personal review of your goals as it pertains to downsizing, decluttering, or closing an estate.
    • Where are you now, where do you want to be, and by when?
  • 10 Steps to Successfully Downsizing
    • Review the 10 Steps to Downsizing and how they fit into your plans.
  • Contractor recommendations
    • Unlimited access to our preferred contractor list, which is regularly updated.


Who can participate in Coaching?

Seniors have made the decision to downsize or loved ones who are planning to assist someone with a downsizing project. 

How much does Coaching cost?

If you purchased the Downsizer’s Club from us, your tuition is transferrable if you sign up for Coaching by Downsizing Indy or use professional real estate services provided by Indy Real Estate Experts. Contact us directly to receive a discount code.

How will I schedule my coaching calls?

Once you register, you will gain access to our calendar so that you can schedule your first call right away. At the end of each additional call, we’ll schedule the next one.