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***Please note the new location***

We have partnered with Wheaton Worldwide Moving to host Indy Senior Living Series in a larger space so we can continue to grow attendance. Wheaton is located at:

8010 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250


Events are always the 2nd Thursday of the month, from 10a-11:30a EST.  

This event is an educational outreach to senior citizens and free to them, thanks to our sponsors: American VillageAssisted Living Locators, BrightstarCareClearCaptionsEagledale FloristMajestic Care of Carmel, Senior Home CompanionsSeniors GuideStinson Law FirmTrilogy Health Services.

Please, no vendors without consent from Indy Real Estate Experts.

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January 2024

Aging with Zest (January 11, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event focuses on embracing the aging process with a positive and energetic approach. We will includes resources for maintaining healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, as individuals navigate the various stages of aging.

February 2024

Spring Cleaning, Organizing, and Downsizing (February 8, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

A comprehensive event offering resources and guidance on decluttering, organizing living spaces, and downsizing possessions. This event will also include practical tips, professional assistance (how do you say, “Let’s have a color party!”), and insights into creating a more manageable living environment.

March 2024

Senior Housing Options (March 14, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event provides information and resources for seniors exploring different housing options. We will discuss retirement communities, assisted living, independent living, and other alternatives, plus offer insights to help individuals make informed decisions about their living arrangements.

April 2024

Traveling after Retirement (April 11, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event will provide resources for planning and enjoying travel during the retirement years. Let’s talk travel tips, destination recommendations, and information on group and senior-friendly travel services!

May 2024

Healthy Eating & Nutrition (May 9, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

With a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, this event offers resources on balanced diets, meal planning, and information on foods that support overall well-being in the senior years.

June 2024

Mental Health for Seniors (June 13, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event provides resources on maintaining cognitive health, coping with life changes, and accessing mental health support services. We will also cover social engagement and activities that promote mental well-being.


July 2024

Wealth Preservation (July 11, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event concentrates on financial planning and strategies to preserve and manage wealth during the senior years. It will also cover investment advice, estate planning, and other financial considerations for retirees.

August 2024

Safety at 65 & Better (August 8, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

Focused on providing resources and information about safety measures for seniors, this event will cover topics such as home safety, fall prevention, and general precautions to ensure the well-being of individuals aged 65 and above.

September 2024

Creative Hobbies for Boomers (September 12, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

This event encourages seniors to explore and engage in creative pursuits and hobbies. We will showcase various artistic, craft, or leisure activities tailored to the interests and preferences of the baby boomer generation.

October 2024

Downsizing (October 10, 2024, 10-11:30am EST)

This event is specifically focused on the process of downsizing, and will provide resources and guidance for individuals looking to move into low or no maintenance living from start to finish. We will include practical tips, professional assistance, and insights into downsizing in 10 steps.

November 2024

Living, Dying, & Leaving a Legacy (November 14, 2024, 10-11:30am EST):

One of our most popular events will cover a broader spectrum of life stages and encompass various aspects of senior living, end-of-life planning, and considerations for leaving a legacy. It will provide resources on end-of-life, estate, and legacy planning. The event aims to address the holistic aspects of life, including living well, preparing for the end of life, and leaving a meaningful legacy.

December 2024

Antique-ish Roadshow (December 12, 2024, 10-11:3oam EST):

This will be a standing room only event, and involves appraisals of antiques and collectibles. Attendees may bring ONE (1) item for evaluation, and experts will provide insights into the historical and monetary value of these possessions, offering a unique and engaging experience. *Item must be small enough to carry into the event, one item per person, please RSVP

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